Your business consists of captivating your strategic audience, whether they are users, consumers, civilians, coworkers or clients

We design and implement significant experiences together with your principal strategic players, creating impact in your business and aligning your organization for creating value with regard to the jobs that your clients need to have done.

What we’re doing…

Petit is bringing This is Service Design Doing to Chile

Petit is bringing Marc Stickdorn and Adam Lawrence, authors of the book “This is Service Design Doing” to Chile in April 2017. During an experiential workshop of 3 days we seek to transfer packaged and internationally tested techniques and methodologies, with the purpose to align your services with a valued promise for clients and users, thus generating unforgettable and differentiating memories.

This is Service Design Doing was born in reaction to the necessity of companies to make their ideas tangible and accelerate the implementation of new projects, focused on users. This co-creative and practical workshop is aimed at directors, managers and executives who work in strategic positions, both public and private, entrepreneurs and other professionals interested in improving the experience of clients and users, and providing value to their business in general.

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Petit was part of the 2nd International Congress of Experiences and Services

Rodrigo Gonzalez spoke about management and designing experiences in tourism, on Thursday November 10th.

We participated in the Congress of Service Design 2016

⇒ We are proud to have participated in the 2nd Congress of Service Design of Chile. Our case “Challenging the Distant” was selected to open the Congress on September 12th.


“Working with Petit was an excellent decision. The used methodology and the skills of the consulter and his team allowed us to move forward with the conceptualization of an innovative business model, generating a new vision and shared strategy, which allowed the team to embrace the project. All this was achieved in a great working atmosphere!”

Camilo Herrera

Managing Director, Fundación Caserta

“They helped us define our value proposition for our clients and to discover how the “Customer journey” is. This way we were able to find and design the most important moments for our clients and users: from first contact through our website till they get back home. Together with Petit and collaborating with our entire team, we were able to develop innovative solutions, through which we are able to offer an unforgettable experience to our clients.”

Pablo Bosch K.

General Manager, Las Majadas de Pirque

“The workshops provided by Petit distinguished themselves by work done prior to them in understanding the goals and results that we needed to achieve, which permitted us to focus profoundly. During the workshops both a cooperative and participative environment as well as a productive environment was created. This was exactly what we wanted to achieve: that everybody felt that they were part of the creative process.”

Andrea Wolleter E.

Managing vice-president FEDETUR – Federación de Empresas de Turismo de Chile

“I worked with Rodrigo when he was in charge of Explora Patagonia, where he had to propose, implement and lead a number of changes in processes, especially to improve the experiences of the travelers that visited us. He achieved great results, both for our team as for customer satisfaction”

Luis Alberto Camus.

General Manager, Flesan – Ex Corporate Operational Managers of Explora

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